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The Sixth-generation ES Snowing Machine



    The sixth-generation snowing machine developed by ES consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, and can be connected with one or two pieces of equipment to reduce the footprint of the outdoor unit and electrical control equipment. The key part of this machine is a Copeland air compressor supported by accessories from established international brands like Danfoss and ALCO, which greatly increases the reliability and energy efficiency of the product. Unibody design is applied to the outdoor unit, and the finned tube heat exchangers, made of hydrophilic aluminum sheets, features extraordinary corrosion resistance, and the stainless steel case makes the outdoor unit attractive, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, durable and weather-resistant in an outdoor environment. Additionally, the visual operational interface and industrial PLC make the snowmaking process automatic, easy to operate, convenient and safe. The enclosed structure ensures reliability and eliminates the risk of contamination.



    The machine can work at a wide range of temperatures and both indoor and outdoor. This smart and safe machine makes possible the all-weather snowing with low energy consumption, high quality snow output and superior stability. The volume of snow is fully adjustable and can be remotely controlled. The product can cover a site of an area up to 50㎡ with snow. It comes in many types and can be customized to meet your specific needs.



    It is widely applicable to ice & snow galleries, ice domes, ski resorts, ice lighting festive, snowy hot springs, snow-themed bars, cafes, up-scale restaurants, hotels, hotel lobbies, Spa centers, snow-themed sauna, snow-themed lodges and outdoor shops, and for Christmas and New Year celebration, industrial experiment and education purpose.


The Sixth-generation ES Snowing Machine



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