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ES SSC100 Outdoor Snowmaking Machine



    This snowmaking machine consists of the assembly of a stand, a gun and a gun rack as well as accessories like a control cabinet. The stainless steel gun (with aluminum interior), water supply system and galvanized base stand ensure high quality and a long service life of more than 20 years. The base stand is fitted with wheels, a tractor and a manually operated jack,and the entire compressor can be rotated through 360 degree. The rotation of the central axial is driven by the electric screw via a safety interface, and the machine can be mobile if placed on a snowcat with a hanger.



    this product is equipped with a high-power axial fan which ensures a longer range and an expanded coverage of snowmaking. The specially designed nozzles allow for better and more efficient atomization of high pressure water,enabling the machine to work in an environment with a higher temperature and humidity. These designs allow the machine to produce a larger volume of better snow output with a density as low as 240kg/ m³ and at a temperature between 0~-40°c, and increase energy efficiency and stability of the product, allowing ski resorts to extend their ski seasons. The mixture of air and water is controlled separately by different valves and the pressure gauge of the air compressor, and the entire water supply system can be automatically dried to prevent water from freezing when the machine is not in service.



    this machine is mainly applicable to ski resorts where it can produce snow when there is no snow, augment natural snowfall when snow precipitation is low and supplement natural snow when there is a shortage of snow. It is suitable for application in North China, Middle China and some parts of South China, and for snowmaking to create a winter-like atmosphere in hotels,parks, tourist attractions, spots for film shooting and ice domes.


ES SSC100 Outdoor Snowmaking Machine

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