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ES, as a leading company in domestic industry, boasts rich experience in design, construction, operation and management of ski resorts. With a good track record in construction, we have successfully completed more than 100 ski resorts and ice & snow attractions, such as Wanda Mall Snow Park in Harbin, the Four Season Cross-country Ski Resort in Jilin North Mountain, the indoor ski resort of Jihua Park in Chongqing, Changqing Indoor Ski Resort in Shijiazhuang, the training base of Chinese Ski Team for the Winter Olympics, Romance Park Ice World in Sanya and ICE DOME in Thailand.

Jihua MingXing


        hua MingXing Ice & Snow Sports (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Jihua MingXing) is a winter sports facility and ice & snow town operator co-founded by Eternal Star Ice & Snow Sports (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a leading company in domestic ice & snow industry, and Jihua Group Corporation Limited, a listed centrally owned company listed in Forbes Global 500. Jihua MingXing is dedicated to providing the ultra large indoor winter sports center of Jihua Park, a winter-sports-themed tourist town developed by Jihua Group, with a series of high quality service, with a focus on investment in, planning and design of facilities like winter sports facilities, recreational destinations and winter sports towns, and construction of winter sports equipment and professional indoor ski resorts.





Brand Positioning & Business Activities

World-class Winter Sports Town Operator




As a high-tech firm at the state level in the ice & snow industry in China and a pioneer in R&D of ice and snow technologies, ES is the creator of several technologies in the industry, and has obtained several intellectual properties and patents on snow and bought an end to foreign companies’ technological monopoly on snow. Es has made great contributions to rapid development of the industry in China with world-class design and state-of-the-art automatic snow technology that produces snow output of superior quality.


Strategic Business Presence

Jihua MingXing


World-class Winter Sports Town Operator
To be a model project constructor in the industry

With proposed projects in over 20 cities,
we have commenced the construction of projects in Chongqing, Changchun,
Wuhan, Xi’an, Jiangsu Province and Guangdong Province.
A nationwide multifunctional tourist & commercial network
Will be built to create an internationally leading multi-level up-scale business circle
and a new lifestyle. Jihua Park constructed by ES in Chongqing has been listed as
one of the first sports-themed recreational towns at the national level.


Key Forms of Business

5 Driving Forces

Build winter-sports-themed recreational towns at the national level, create special themes in towns

Jihua Park is a world-class winter-sports-themed recreational town developed by Jihua Group. With a focus on creating a healthy & happy experience, this park goes beyond traditional business mode and serves as a winter-sports-themed recreational town and one-stop urban tourist destination combing an indoor ice & snow world, an indoor extreme sports center, a child amusement park, a fashion shopping town, characteristic hotels and an international food court.
The Ski Hall of Jihua Park, as a key form of business in the park, is independently constructed and operated by ES. With an environment at a temperature below 5℃ all the year round, this ski hall offers year-round exciting ice & snow experience and create a fully immersive winter sports experience, allowing visitors to enjoy brand new ice & snow experience and interaction and re-inventing business mode and operation mechanism in the industry.


Hi-tech Company at the State Level 

Eternal Star Ice & Snow(Beijing) Technology Ltd, Co.


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Constructor of Training Bases for Chinese Winter Olympics Ski Teams 


Member of Chinese Ski Association

Strategic Partner of Wanda

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