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Taiyuan Pingyangjingyuan ES Real Ice Rink


Project Introduction

Opening Date: 2017

Project Size: a land area of 1600 m², an ice surface area of 670m² and a snow park area of 300m²

Project Works: Real Ice Rink, snow park

Scope of Contracting: Ice & snow process system design, equipment supply and engineering technical service, ice & snow landscaping, venue operations management

Project Investor: Shanxi Hengshi Group


Taiyuan Pingyangjingyuan ES Real Ice Rink


Project Description

    Located in Xuancaicheng CBD, Pingyangjingyuan, Taiyuan ES Real Ice Rink covers a land area of 1600m² and offers an ice surface area of 670m² and a snow area of 300m². Independently built and operated by ES Ice & Snow, it’s a comprehensive Ice & Snow entertainment experience destination integrating ice rink, snow park, teaching and training, leisure and entertainment. Dedicated to providing teenagers with international professional training in teenager figure skating, short track speed skating and ice hockey, it’s the first mega medium-to-high end indoor Ice & Snow theme park in Taiyuan.

    As a leader of Chinese Ice & Snow industry, ES Ice & Snow has been vigorously promoted the popularization of Ice & Snow culture in active response to the country’s call. Since its opening, Taiyuan ES Real Ice Rink has upheld the mission of Love Sports, Love Life, and launched a wide range of activities like free coach training classes, ice dances, ice operas, hockey competitions, parent-child ice games to bring the fun of Ice & Snow to more people. In terms of Ice & Snow sports training, the Ice Rink offers ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating training and establishes a standard ice sports course system. A qualified and experienced international coach team has been built to train the trainees and help them participate in various Ice & Snow sports competitions, and comprehensively enhance their rivalry and competitiveness.

Hi-tech Company at the State Level 

Eternal Star Ice & Snow(Beijing) Technology Ltd, Co.


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