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Outdoor ski resort, usually developed by a mountain in a cold suburban area, is an outdoor eco-tourist destination integrating outdoor ski, fitness training, ice & snow-themed entertainment, mountain sightseeing and dining service. As an extraordinarily entertaining and challenging destination, outdoor ski resort is a perfect place to visit for passionate skiers and families that drive a car to travel. Due to seasonal and geographical limitations, an outdoor ski resort needs to rely on an outdoor snow system in addition to natural snowfall, to ensure a sufficient volume of snow for skiers to have an exciting ski experience.


Project facility


Functional areas for ski, training and snow-themed entertainment, an integrated wonderland for outdoor winter sports lovers

Ski run


Cross country skiing


Ski school


Snow-themed amusement park


Winter sports competition


Mountain sightseeing





Gather basic information

site selection, geological survey, topographic mapping, preliminary requirements for construction, water & power supply solutions, investment budget


Design consultation

conclusion of an entrustment contact, master planning (venue investment planning/positioning planning/infrastructure planning), landscaping planning (conceptual design/landscaping design/construction design), technology design (snowmaking system/high-pressure & low-temperature water supply system/transportation system/power supply system)

Equipment Customization

outdoor snowmaking equipment, high-pressure water supply equipment, electrical equipment, rope tow/ropeway/ magic carpet, ski equipment, snowcat, automatic control equipment, snow-themed entertainment facilities

Engineering technical support

integration of snowmaking system/high-pressure water supply system/power distribution system/transportation system, construction planning and design support, landscaping construction, installation and commissioning of entertainment facilities

Operation & management

Entrustment of full and partial rights to management, investment & operation, operation consultation, operation of ski equipment, HR management and professional training


Hi-tech Company at the State Level 

Eternal Star Ice & Snow(Beijing) Technology Ltd, Co.


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