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Harbin SUNAC Snow World


Project Introduction

Opening Date: June 30, 2017

Project Size: a floor area of 80000m² and an ice & snow area of 66000m²
Project Works: advanced ski run + intermediate ski run + snow area

Scope of Contracting: Ice & Snow process system design, equipment supply and engineering technical service

Main Equipment: 104 refrigeration machines, 50 snowmakers, 2 cableways and 6 magic carpets (including two imported magic carpets)


Harbin SUNAC Snow World


Project Description

    As the world’s largest indoor ski resort, Harbin Wanda Mall Snow Park offers a floor area of 80000m², including a reception service area of 15000m² and an snow entertainment and snow area of 65000m². It is shaped like a gorgeous piano stand through curve modeling. Six ski runs of different lengths and gradients are designed to offer a maximum fall of 80 meters. The longest ski run is 500m long with a maximum gradient of 25.4 degrees, built with beginner ski area, intermediate/advanced ski area and snow park; six magic carpets are installed as uplink devices, including 2 imported magic carpets which are the only overhead imported magic carpets in China. The facilities and snow conditions can not only meet the Ice & Snow sports demands of citizens and visitors at all levels through alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and mountain skiing, but also support the undertaking of mega sports events.


    Overtaking the Dubai counterpart in terms of size, number of runs, length and vertical fall, Harbin Wanda Mall Snow Park featuring a ultra-long and ultra-large span structure was certified as the World’s Largest Indoor Ski Facility by Guinness World Records in 2018. Capable of receiving 3000 visitors a day maximally and offering an instant reception capacity of 1500 visitors, it received 360000 visitors from June 60, 2017 to July 15, 2018.


    Featuring a steel truss structure as rooftop structure, this project is further maintained with a standing seam interlocking Al-Mg-Mn alloy rooftop system. It’s very difficult to construct this massive project using about 42000 tons of structural steel, more than that of the Bird Nest in Beijing.

Hi-tech Company at the State Level 

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