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Configuration of ES Ice Rink System



    ES has developed a complete set of technically mature and professional ice rink systems. The systems is consist of several sub-systems like a refrigeration system, a dehumidification system, a control system, an ice surface dasher board system, a water supply system and an energy saving system, all of which are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and supported by technologies developed by ES. This high-performing, low-cost and energy-efficient system can ensure world-class skating experience and service.


Configuration of ES Ice Rink System


Advantages of ES Ice Rink System

    1.The refrigeration system is equipped with an imported BIZTE or Fusheng air compressor to ensure superior system stability;
    2.The main unit of the refrigeration system is connected in parallel to ensure stable operation and a lower operational cost.  
    3.A heat recovery system is applied to convert the heat released by the refrigeration system to source of heat for refrigeration, providing a source of heat for the coils and heated water to be sprayed onto the ice surface. The remaining heat can be used for heating in the dehumidification system to ensure better energy efficiency;
    4.Key parts of the system are imported from international brands or from domestic established brands, for example, the cooling tower is made by Taiwan-based Liangchi;  
    5.The control system features full smart control and a central control station, and operational procedures are aligned with those of recreational ice rinks to ensure stable and energy-efficient system operation;     
    6.The control system is equipped with Siemens controllers and Schneider electrical parts;
    7.The control software is equipped with a programmable main program developed by ES;
    8.The first domestic brand to introduce from the U.S. ES1500 ice resurfacer that can be widely applied to both recreational ice rinks and arenas of sports played on ice;  
    9.The best suitable dehumidification system is selected based on on-site conditions, and a heat pump dehumidification system is used;
    10.ES’s exclusive ice surface dasher board system, produced through molding, is attractive and user-friendly, and the ergonomically designed handrails developed by ES are ideal for recreational ice rinks.

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