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Western Evergreen Indoor Ski Resort


Project Introduction

Opening Date: October 2015

Project Size: a floor area of 20000 m² and an ice & snow area of 13000m²

Project Works: Beginner/intermediate ski run + snow area

Scope of Contracting: Ice & Snow process system design, equipment supply and engineering technical service

Project Investor: Western Evergreen Group


Western Evergreen Indoor Ski Resort


Project Description

    Situated in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, Western Evergreen Scenic Spot is 15km away from the downtown. Constructed by Western Evergreen Scenic Spot Management Group, it’s a mega comprehensive mountain leisure resort in North China integrating eco-sightseeing, folk experience, themed recreation, leisure vacation, outdoor sports, popular science education and large shows. At the north entrance of Western Evergreen Scenic Spot, the Western Evergreen Indoor Ski Resort is Hebei Province’s only four-season mega Ice & Snow sports base and a training base for National Ski Team. It’s designed with Indoor Ice & Snow Hall, Outdoor Ski Resort, Tuscany-style Commercial Street, Economic Resort Hotel, Shuyun Xiaochu Restaurant, Cave Outbound Area and Alpine Ski Run.  


    With a gross floor area about 20000m², the Western Evergreen Indoor Ski Resort is mainly divided into two functional areas—Indoor Ski resort and Outdoor Ski resort. Constructed by ES Ice & Snow, the Indoor Ski resort covers a land area of 11000m², and consists of Ski Area and Snow Area. Beginner/intermediate ski runs as well as a variety of snow entertainment attractions like Ice Cave, Castle, Maze, Ice Carving and Snow Tube Run are designed. The world-leading Ice & Snow technology of ES Ice & Snow has made it an integrated tourist destination offering four-season Ice & Snow experience. The Outdoor Ski Run about 2000m long is equipped with advanced/intermediate/beginner ski runs and cableways, traction devices, magic carpets, imported snowmakers and snow-packing machines, and about 2000 sets of snow boards, snow suits and snow gear to meet the ski demands of ski enthusiasts of all age groups at all technical levels.

Hi-tech Company at the State Level 

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