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Chongqing Jihua Ice & Snow Town


Project Introduction

Opening Date: August 18, 2018

Project Size: a floor area of 22500 m² and an ice & snow area of 13000m²

Project Works: Ice & Snow Town, Indoor Ski Resort, Ice & Snow Park

Scope of Contracting: Ice & Snow process system design, equipment supply and engineering technical service, ice & snow landscaping, venue operations management

Main Equipment: 14 snowmakers, 28 air coolers and 6 snow machines

Project Investor: Jihua Group


Chongqing Jihua Ice & Snow Town


Project Description

    Jihua ES is an ice & snow town operation company jointly established by ES Ice & Snow and Jihua Group—one of China’s top 500 public traded central enterprises for joint development of domestic ice & snow market. Controlled by ES Ice & Snow, it’s mainly founded to provide such services as project investment, planning and design, snow center construction and operation for Jihua Ice & Snow Town, an ice & snow sports and leisure characteristic town under Jihua Group. As a leader of Chinese ice & snow sports towns, Jihua Ice & Snow Town has planned to built its presence in about 20 cities across China. Thus far, six projects have been rolled out in Chongqing, Changchun, Wuhan, Xi’an, Jiangsu and Guangdong respectively. Chongqing Jihua Ice & Snow Town is Jihua Ice & Snow Town’s first ice & snow town project and has been rated as one of the first national-level sports and leisure characteristic towns.
    Centered on Jihua Ice & Snow Town, Chongqing Jihua Ice & Snow Town is one of the core commercial forms of Jihua Ice & Snow Town. Independently constructed and operated by ES Ice & Snow, it’s located in Longsheng Area, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing. With the construction started in 2016, it’s completed in two years. Invested with RMB 330 million, it has a gross floor area of 22000m². Constructed with light steel structures, Chongqing Jihua Ice & Snow Town is the world’s fourth generation indoor ski resort, the only indoor ski resort in Chongqing and the largest indoor ski resort in Southwest China with a daily maximum capacity of 3000 visitors. The Ice & Snow Town is designed with such functional areas as Ski Area, Snow Mountain Adventure Zone, Snow Theater, Frozen Discovery Zone, Snow Stage and Leisure Service Area. Within an environment of minus five degrees centigrade throughout the year, it offers an immersive Ice & Snow sports experience and a refreshing Ice & Snow experience supported by innovative Ice & Snow commercial mode and operation mechanism.

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