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Yinji Ice & Snow World


Project Introduction

Opening Date: 2017

Project Size: A venue of 26000m², a fantasy frozen lake of 3000m² and an Ice & Snow park of 2000m²

Project Works: Ice & Snow park, ice run, ice carving exhibition, snow fall area

Scope of Contracting: Ice & Snow process system design, equipment supply and engineering technical service; ice & snow landscaping


Yinji Ice & Snow World


Project Description

    Yinji Ice & Snow World, constructed by ES Ice & Snow and located in Liuzhai Town, Xinmi, Zhengzhou, has a land area of 60mu and a total venue area of 26,000m². Invested with RMB 500 million, it’s designed with an original Fantasy Glacier Lake of 3,000m², a 300m-long around-lake Ice Road and a Snow Fun Area of 542 m²(1 ski run, 7 ice runs and various ice carvings). It’s further built with four themed attractions—Santa Claus World, White Castle, Snowcat Town and Emerald Valley, eight sets of recreational equipment and fourteen rides. Yinji Ice & Snow World features a two-storey design. While the lower storey is almost covered by the Glacier Lake in the center, the upper storey is amusement park built around the glacier lake. Seen from mid-air, it looks like a parent-child park above the glacier lake. It’s Asia’s first integrated indoor Ice & Snow themed parent-child park offering an ice rink, snow experience and rides.

Hi-tech Company at the State Level 

Eternal Star Ice & Snow(Beijing) Technology Ltd, Co.


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