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Indoor Snowmaking Machines Blizzard A & B



    ES——Company code
    B——The first letter of blizzard
    A, B——Blizzard Series A and B
    □——The number of groups of nozzles, 1 stands for a groups of nozzles and 6 stands for 6 groups.  

Indoor Snowmaking Machines Blizzard A & B



    ①Blizzard Series A and B are snowmakers developed by ES for indoor environment. With stainless steel exterior and external structures, these snowmakers features long service life, GFRP varnish exterior is attractive, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and durable, and the enclosed structure ensures reliability and eliminates the risk of contamination.
    ②  The application of PTC, constant-pressure snowmaking water supply system and multi-level damping system ensures superior stability, reliability and low energy consumption;   
    ③Visual operational interface and industrial PLC make the snowmaking process automatic, easy to operate, convenient and safe;
    ④The new sliding vane air compressor offers a high volume of high-pressure compressed air, and the unique compressed air condensation system improves performance of nucleus nozzles and increases the temperature for snowmaking to ensure optimum quality of snow output.
    ⑤Compared with outdoor snowmaking machines that feature a long range, these two series can be applied to environments of different sizes and allows staff members at ski resorts to easily cover ski runs with a sufficient volume of snow and supplement snow required for ski every day in a timely manner to ensure excellent ski experience.   

Operation Procedures

    People other than professional technicians are not allowed to change default setting of the internal temperature control and constant pressure water supply systems.  
    Steps to check when the snowmaking machine fails to produce snow:

    ①Clean snowmaking nozzles (Note: nozzles of a new machine may be blocked when it is first used, remember to take down the nozzles for cleaning, and repeat adjustment to ensure that tubes are free from any obstacles before using the machine)
    ②Check to see if values shown on the water and air pressure gauges are within the normal ranges (Air pressure 0.6~1.2MPA, water pressure 0.8~1.5MPA)
    ③Check to see if the internal temperature control system is functional (if the temperate within the range between 5~15℃)
    ④Check temperature of water supplied to see if the temperature is lower than 4℃
    ⑤Check temperature and humidity of the indoor environment for snowmaking to see if the temperature is lower than -6℃ and humidity lower than 80%


    Applicable to indoor ski resorts, labs, snow-themed saunas and other recreational facilities.

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